How to Care for Silver Flatware: 10 Hot Tips

Everyday Cleaning and Care for Silver Flatware

FlCare for Silver Flatwareatware is the beautiful addition to your kitchen and it will add beauty to your table. Among the different flatware, silver flatware is something everyone dreamt and adore about. But, due to regular use, the flatware may get dull, scratched and tarnished. So, proper care for silver flatware should be taken in order to extend the life of your best flatware.

In this article, I will discuss about the best possible ways of preserving the glory and beauty of flatware.

10 Hot Tips: Cleaning and Care for Silver Flatware

1. Washing your flatware with moderate dish soap in warm water will remove all the residues instantly.
2. If you really care for silver flatware, never leave then soaked in liquid stuff such as ketchup, soup, etc. because it will easily corrode the pieces.
3. Never wash with acidic liquids like citrus-based dish soaps, as it will tarnish your silverware.
4. Never wash your flatware in dishwasher.
5. Ensure you dry and clean with soft cloth before placing it in flatware chest or tray.
6. Never leave your flatware loosely. Ensure you place them in flatware chest or flatware tray.
7. Polishing your flatware every yearly will ensure it lasts for lifetime.
8. You can even use silver polishing creams for polishing your flatware.
9. Ensure you read all the instructions prescribed by the manufacturers & clean the flatware before polishing it.
10. You have to use soft cloth or sponge for applying the polish on the flatware. After applying the polish, ensure you rub them sufficiently for glamorous shine.

If you keep these important points in your mind, I assure you that your flatware will lasts for generation. Nicely cleaned flatware will look awesome on your table. If you don’t know how to set the formal dinner table, then you have to read this immediately to master the basic fundamentals of setting the table.

If I have left any important tip, then you can offer your opinion in the comments. I really love to know how other people care for silver flatware.

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