R&B Everyday Pierson 45 Piece Flatware Set Review

R+B Everyday Pierson 45 Piece Flatware Set

The R&B Everyday Pierson 45 piece Flatware Set is unique and matchless in all aspects. It will undoubtedly the best attractive, sleek and gorgeous addition to your table. Manufactured by Reed & Barton, which is one of the most prominent American flatware producers since 1824. Based in Massachusetts, they are the finest manufacturers of sterling silver, silver-plate and best stainless steel flatware.

Everyday Pierson 45 Piece Flatware Set can be a special gift to your old parents or you can use them for special occasions. They are lightweight and offers good balance control. They even feels and looks good in hand and all the utensils are sturdy, so your grandma wills surely going to love’em.

The handles of the flatware is unique and polished. For better precision in cutting stuff, the dinner knives are finely forged.  The blades of the knives are excellently embossed with rolled steel, which is toughened to resists corrosion and rust. This flatware set offers perfect balance and comfortable grip during dining.

– Well balanced & feels good in hand
– Perfect for senior citizens and gifts
– Heavy duty
– Enticing parallel strips

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– Size is a bit smaller
– Tines are thin
– Not for regular use (Depends on the usage)
– Made of 18/0 stainless steel (But sturdy)


Made of highest quality 18/0 stainless steel, Everyday Pierson 45 Piece Flatware Set features contemporary and stylish design. They are moderate gauged and although, the metal do not have nickel, they hold up well as other flatware present in the same category. The simple yet contemporary design allows it to mingle with any table setting. They will even enhance elegance and grace to your table.

The handles of the R+B Everyday Pierson 45 piece Flatware Set has horizontal two-tone stripes, which widens as it moves the bottom. The alternative striping is contrast in nature and provides matte finish.  The dinner forks, soupspoons and tablespoons are bit smaller than the normal ones. The tines of spoons and forks are somewhat thinner as well. However, the Everyday Pierson 45 Piece Flatware Set are sturdy and the spoon would never going to bend while scooping rock solid ice cream.

The R+B Everyday Pierson 45 piece Flatware Set consists of

  • 8 Place knives
  • 8 Place forks
  • 8 Place spoons
  • 8 Individual salad forks
  • 8 Teaspoons
  • 1 hostess set (butter knife, sugar spoon, tablespoon, pierced tablespoon and cold meat fork.)

Although they are heavy duty, you can’t probably use it regularly. They fit tremendously well for special gatherings or events. They would be suitable for your new home.

R+B Everyday Pierson 45 piece Flatware Set come with 25 years warranty that is available in elegantly design gift box. Dishwasher safe and would last long than you expect. Good value for the given price.

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