How to Set a Formal Dinner Table: 13 Easy Steps

If you are planning to set a formal dinner table for any special event in your home such as charity, wedding, Christmas, etc. or you just want to learn the basic rules to host formal dinner, then you need the following things.

  1. Linen tablecloth
  2. Linen napkins
  3. Flatware or Silverware
  4. Dinnerware
  5. Stemware
  6. Centerpiece

formal dinner table

Formal Dinner Table

One important thing to keep in mind is that everything should be spaced according to the geometry on the formal dinner table i.e. centerpiece should be placed exactly at center, place settings should be placed at equal distances and the utensils should be fairly placed on the table. In addition, you can beautify your table with flower decoration.

Step 1: Drape a dry-cleaned and ironed tablecloth on the dinner table because it will look classy and professional. If you want to further enhance the elegance of the table, ensure you use white tablecloth, as it is the best choice for formal dinners.

Step 2: Arrange one centerpiece per round or square table and the height should not be taller, as your guests may face difficulties. If you have a large rectangular table, so you should place centerpieces evenly.

Step 3: Place a dinner place or charger precisely two inches from the edge of the formal dinner table in front of each chair.

Step 4: Now, it’s time to space the flatware on the table. The exact rocket science is that you have to place the flatware about 1 1/2 inch from the plate & 2 inches from the edge of the table.

Step 5: Place three knives i.e. for first course, main course and salad with blades facing inwardly on the right side of the plate and with soup spoon on extreme right.

Step 6: Place three fork i.e. for first course, main course and salad on the left side of the plate and with salad fork on extreme right.

Step 7: Place the dessert spoon with the stem end to the right and the dessert fork above it with the stem end on the left At the top of the plate,

Step 8: Above the forks, place the salad plate to the left side of the dinner plate.

Step 9: Now, place the bread plate on the right side of the dinner plate and higher than salad plate.

Step 10: Place the soup bowl above the dinner plate on the formal dinner table.

Step 11: Now, place the water glass, white wine glass, red wine glass and champagne flute in order above the knives.

Step 12: Place the coffee cup and saucer on the right side of the table.

Step 13: Place the folded napkin on the left side of the table i.e. beside forks.

It’s actually pretty easy once you learn the basic concepts of table settings.  If you start practicing one or two times, it will be easy to you to set the formal dinner table. Once you learn, you can apply them wherever you want with complete confidence and professionalism.